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Gentlemen's Hardware 3-Piece Multi Tool Survival Kit

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Gentlemen's Hardware 3-Piece Multi Tool Survival Kit


Perfect for the practical, on-the-go gent, this set from Gentlemen's Hardware includes three Multi-Tools: Multi Tool with Flashlight, 9-in 1 Credit Card Tool and Carabiner. Any gent who finds himself in need of a tool or solution for an everyday obstacle will have everything he needs in these three Multi-Tools. The Multi Tool with Flashlight contains four tools (including a knife and bottle opener) in addition to a flashlight; the 9-in-1 Credit Card Tool includes a screwdriver, butterfly wrench and saw blade; and the Carabiner includes a bottle opener, knife and file. All tools are constructed of a durbale stainless steel that will not bend or break in use.

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