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Gund Drops Tony Trunks Teal 6 in
Gund Drops Tony Trunks Teal 6 in
Gund Drops Tony Trunks Teal 6 in

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Gund Drops Tony Trunks Teal 6 in


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GUND Drops are a gotta have ‘em all line of soft, huggable, and expressive 6-inch plush animals. These cute and whimsical characters have unique names and embroidered cutie marks, so you know you got a genuine GUND Drop! Series 1 features everyday animals and fantasy creatures that have rainbow metallic accents. They all have exaggerated proportions of oversized heads and tiny drop shaped bodies filled with beans; you’ll definitely want to squish them all! The GUND Drops collection includes super soft premium materials and embroidered details that will last for years to come and are surface-washable for easy cleaning.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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