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Hot Wheels City Ultimate Car Wash 2021

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Car Wash 2021


Give your child the gift of wild adventure and interactive play with the Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash Playset. This Octo Car Wash is an awesome playset that extends over 4 feet and features spectacular water play in conjunction with the innovative Color Reveal car. The star of this show is the incredible Color Reveal car. As your child moves their car through the carwash, they'll see their car change colors over and over again with the Octopus cold water tank and warm water dunk tank. 2 separate water tanks facilitate the color-shifting features but there's also a ramp, loop, and spiral to add to the action and push-around play. ​As the car runs through the set, excess water is caught in removable drain cups to provide a fun no-spill experience. The set also collapses to half its size for easy and convenient storage.
AGE: Ages 4 and up

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