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SpinForce Target Car Track Game

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SpinForce Target Car Track Game


Buckle up, bucko, because we’re about to get our reckless driving merit badge! This action-packed game ramps up the fun in a hurry, with a loop-de-loop track that sends your car airborne and into the target to score points for your irrational courage. Whoever sends their car soaring the most accurately and collects the most points cards wins – hopefully with enough brain cells left to consider retiring from risking life and limb on the reg.

DIMENSIONS: Box: 22”L x 14.2”W x 2.4”D. Track: 144”L.

AGES: 3 and up

ORIGIN: Imported

OTHER: Includes track with loop and ramp, 2 pull-back cars, adjustable scoring​ wheel, and point cards

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