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Kid Made Modern Shrink Art Jewelry Kit

Kid Made Modern Shrink Art Jewelry Kit


Inspired by artists who want to be involved in their creations from start to finish, our Shrink Art Jewelry Kit has everything your budding jewelry designer needs to create colorful shrinking charms and baubles for themselves and friends. To create your jewelry, color in charms, bake in the oven watch them shrink into charms, and combine with jewelry hardware to create your unique design.

AGES: Ages 6 and up

OTHER: Includes, 35 shrinking charms, 35 assorted jump rings cording (3m), 8 mini colored pencils, 40 glue dots elastic cording (1.5m), 2 pair of hook earrings, 1 key chain and lobster claw, 2 small lobster claws, 50 pony beads, 3 chain necklaces, 40 assorted paillettes

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