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Bubble Tree 4-Pack Sustainable Bottle & Refill System

Bubble Tree 4-Pack Sustainable Bottle & Refill System


The Bubble Tree Original Refillable Bubble Multi-Packs system is not just safe for the environment but safe for you too. Get rid of one-time use plastic bottles. Reuse! Refill! Recycle and Share!

This item features 3 Liter of eco-friendly superior bubble solution and 4 4-oz aluminum bottles pre-filled with solution that can be refilled, reused and recycled. Our custom wand is affixed to the bottle cap to reduce mess and designed to produce extra bubbles!

  • 4 pre-filled Bubble Bottles made from 100% recyclable Aluminum that can be refilled
  • 3 Liter refill of our eco-friendly bubble solution
  • Kid friendly bottle size
  • Soft textured coating for non-slip grip
  • Included a place to write your name
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