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Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle 72 Pieces

Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle 72 Pieces


Educational toys that represent cultural and ethnic differences accurately and clearly to children can be hard to find. That is why Little Likes Kids made it their mission to provide fun, interactive, and colorful toys that represent children of all backgrounds interacting and playing together. This powerful message is communicated through the eye-catching original artwork they use to create each of our unique puzzles and matching games. The Musical Crossroads puzzle depicts girls and boys of different races playing music together in a rock band. Pique a young child’s interest in all things rocking and tune their tastes to music and culture with the colorful artwork of this jumbo 14" x 21" puzzle that is sure to fascinate and spark questions from inquisitive children.

DIMENSIONS: 12.5"L x 9"W x 2"H

AGES: Ages 5-9

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