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LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Freshest

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Freshest


I’m in Be-Tween, right where I wanna be. Full of surprises & fierce style. Look out world, cuz here I come. Introducing the LOL Surprise Tweens! Unbox an entirely new size of LOL Surprise dolls IN BETWEEN LOL dolls and OMG fashion dolls. Meet LOL Surprise Tweens fashion doll Freshest! She’s the cool, laid-back B.B. of the crew, and she has cool streetwear style. When she’s not creating music and hanging with her BFFs, she loves watching sci-fi shows, skateboarding, and playing video games.

AGE: Ages 4-14
OTHER: Includes 1 L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens fashion doll, fashions, shoes, accessories, hatbox, hairbrush, garment bag, sticker, hanger, doll stand, and reusable package playset in a totally unique unboxing experience

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