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Macmillan Crush and Color Keanu Reeves Book

Macmillan Crush and Color Keanu Reeves Book


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Let Keanu Reeves melt your heart. Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves is the fantasy coloring book you have been waiting for. Inside you will find a collection of daydreams and alluring scenarios with Hollywood’s brooding sweetheart. Let your imagination run wild with the mystery, benevolence, and quiet magnetism of Keanu in more than 35 completely unique, lifelike drawings. Admire him as he revs his engine on a winding coastline, immerse yourself in his dreamy gaze across a dinner table, and get swept up in his good-natured endeavors. But don't rush in too soon; get to know Keanu and his impressive career with a complete introductory biography, and then you will be ready to color your very own creative utopia of fantasies.

Reality is a thing of the past in this dreamy book of fantasies with a charming enigma in Crush and Color: Keanu Reeves.

-Let Keanu set you off in this collection of infatuating illustrations
-Find out what makes Keanu so magnetic with biographical information about his life and work
-Perforated pages make it easy to display the object of your romance or bromance
-Find romance, intrigue, and smoldering gazes in 35 hand-drawn reveries


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