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Magic Mixies Crystal Ball - Pink

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Magic Mixies Crystal Ball - Pink


2022 TOTY Winner for Creative Toy of the Year! 

Create your very own fortune-telling Magic Mixie by performing the Creation Spell using your light-up interactive magic wand. Be amazed as your Crystal Ball magically responds to your wand's movements! Who will you magically create?

Your interactive light up wand reacts with your Crystal Ball and your Magic Mixie! Perform each step of the Creation Spell to summon the magic mist, give your Mixie its voice and color, then teach it how to tell fortunes. You'll be amazed as your Mixie magically appears through the mist! Your Mixie is full of magic and wants to share it with you! Perform different spells, play an interactive fun game together and have your fortune told!

Your interactive wand, Crystal Ball and Magic Mixie have over 80 lights, sounds and reactions to discover!

The Magical Crystal Ball can be used again and again! Reset it so you can perform the mist-filled creation process or reveal other items inside.

For ages 5+

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Your Magic Mixie has 4 different modes!

MODE: Fortune Telling Mode: Did you know that your Magic Mixie has a very special power? It can tell your fortune! To access Fortune Telling Mode, hold your Mixie's belly until it says... "MAGICUS FORTUNAS!"
MODE: Spell Casting Mode. You and your Mixie can cast 7 spells together! To access Spell Mode press the Mixie Button on the wand one time. Your mixie will say "SPELLORAMOS!"
MODE: Games Mode. Your Mixie also likes to have fun and will play a game with you. To enter Game Mode, press the Mixie Button on your wand 2 times. Your Mixie will say GAMEZEBOZ"
MODE: Nurture Mode. You can also tickle your Mixie by quickly touching its belly. Your Mixie will make happy laughing sounds.

Kids and Adults both love Mixies!

Five stars. Testimonial: This truly brings magic into reality! My son absolutely loves the crystal ball and the entire process of making high little buddy by using magic! From Trisha M.
Five stars. Testimonial: You can reset the ball using a mist refill and recreate the magic! Great value and it keeps the little ones (and the adults) entertained for a long time. From Angela.
Five stars. Testimonial: My kids really believe in the magic and their faces lit up while playing with this toy which was wonderful to watch. From Kristal C.