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Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventures Backpack
Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventures Backpack

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Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventures Backpack


Let your kid become the most daring explorer with this Mickey Mouse Funhouse Backpack backyard explorer kit. It's the perfect outdoor activity set for kids who like to go to the park, to the zoo, on field trips, or play in their backyard and imagine they are discovering new, untamed lands and animals! It makes a great gift for safari-themed birthday parties, carnival prizes, games, and events! Every kid will be thrilled to spend endless hours of fun adventure playing outdoors with this cute Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventures Kit Backpack! Encourage your little ones to go on a backyard exploration trip, safari backyard pretend play, and embark in an exciting adventure activity at the park or zoo with their friends and family. Ideal for parents and teachers. Make the most out of your little one's outdoor playtime with this amazing Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventure Explorer backpack set! It comes with an entire outdoor adventure set of pocket knife, binoculars, and compass in vibrant colors and features a classic Mickey Mouse-inspired design with full color images of Mickey and his friends, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Pluto!

Includes 1 Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Funhouse Adventures Backpack kit that comes with 1 Adventure Explorer Backpack, 1 Set of Binoculars, 1 Plastic Pocket Knife, 1 Mouse-Shaped Compass, and 1 Notebook.

The Mickey Mouse exploration set for children comes with colorful accessories that come in red, blue, and yellow colors and features images of Mickey and all his friends! Recommended for children ages 3 years and older.

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