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Mixy Squish Rainbow Textured Air Dry Clay

Mixy Squish Rainbow Textured Air Dry Clay


Transform airy, fluffy clay into a world of seriously squishy, textured fun with rainbow Mixy Squish! With 6 oz. of pre-made, pre-textured Mixy Squish colors — full of crunchy, glittery add-ins — there are endless ways to mold, shape, and form tons of squishy creations! Bring out the magic in your Mixy Squish by kneading it with your hands for a minute or two — softening the clay makes it easier to use! Then, jump right in and start creating! Follow the instructions to make a Mixy Squish rocket ship, or roll and press your clay into super squishy shapes of your own! After making your magical creations, let the air-dried squishiness take the lead. In 24-48 hours, your masterpieces will be completely dry — but they’ll stay soft and spongy!

AGE: Ages 3 and up
OTHER: Includes 1 Purple Mixy Squish with Iridescent Stars (1 oz.), 2 Bags of Mixy Squish with Hexagon Glitter (1 White with Iridescent, 1 Yellow with Orange) 1 oz. Each, 1 Blue Mixy Squish with Holographic Blue Glitter (1 oz.), 2 Bags of Mixy Squish with Rainbow Foam Balls (1 Lime Green, 1 Red), Easy-to-Follow Instructions

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