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NASA Space Experiment Kit

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NASA Space Experiment Kit


Learn about the Apollo 11 space mission and recreate the famous landing with this super fun science kit! Includes glow in the dark pieces and a 3D moon calendar chart.  perfect for budding astronauts to improve their knowledge of space expolration and STEM projects.

OTHER: Includes: Ping-pong ball x1Rubber ball x1Small moon phases card x1Large moon phases card x1Month calendar card x1Day calendar card x1Earth card x1Moon card x1Split pin x2Lunar map x1Glitter pack x1Sand pack x1Corn starch pack x1Ball mould x2Red meteorite sand pack x1Black meteorite sand pack x1Lunar Lander/Lunar Rover/Astronaut card x2Coffee filter x2Washer x1Glow in the dark stars x10Glow in the dark moon x1Double side adhesive tape x1Foam rocket x1Fishing line x1Rubber Band x6Rocket balloon x3Stirring stick x2Balloon Clip x3String x4Instructions x1

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