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Ollyball Glow Party

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Ollyball Glow Party

Kick it, Color it & Let the GLOW Party Begin! Ollyball's patented 2-piece inflatable ball is engineered to be hit full-force indoors. Ollyball is made from durable DuPont® material that collapses on impact. Ollyball will NOT BREAK WINDOWS! 6-Foot UV Blacklight & Neon Markers Let the Party Begin! Ollyball GLOW Party! comes with a 6-foot LED BLACKLIGHT strip that sticks to walls with a 3M® adhesive backing! Ollyball GLOW bursts with color under blacklight. Color your Ollyball GLOW Party with bright neon light! Ollyball works with the included markers and any other marker or crayons! Finally, kids can play ball in the house and light up the night!
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