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Open the Joy Feel Better Box

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Open the Joy Feel Better Box


Times of uncertainty suck, especially for kids. Difficult questions make for difficult answers, and the “why” of it all is often a lot for younger children to take in. That’s why it’s so important to punctuate those tough times with moments of levity. This boredom-busting activity box is designed just for those occasions, filled with therapeutic and educational products that give families permission to be a little silly together, and to help fill uncertain times with the things kids deserve most: laughter, learning, and most importantly, a sense of normalcy.

ORIGIN: Imported

OTHER: Includes: 56-page Feel Better activity booklet, conversation cards with 109 prompts, 8”x8” positive quote canvas, 13 paints and 2 brushes, 6” Doc Ollie unicorn plush, 16-page DIY storybook, 50 sheets of origami paper with instructions, set of 4 fine motor magic tricks, deck of 54 “Would You Rather” playing cards, finger puppet, extra-large Cootie Catcher, fidget noodle, 6 positive quote coloring posters, 6 markers, 15 super-cool stickers.

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