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Open the Joy "Would You Rather" Playing Cards

Open the Joy "Would You Rather" Playing Cards


Play Cards: Standard deck of playing cards with the back of every card featuring a silly and engaging “Would You Rather” question. Would You Rather: Have a giraffe’s long neck or an elephant’s trunk? These silly dilemma cards will keep you laughing, pondering and bonding! Build Emotional Intelligence: Dilemma questions shared between friends will foster children’s social skills, self-esteem, imagination and sense of humor and will help develop critical listening and thinking skills. Long-lasting: Made of high-quality cardstock that will last for years of play. #1 Boredom Buster: Cards are the most versatile toy that can entertain people of all ages and can be played alone, with a friend, or even within larger groups. 100% Screen-Free Fun: Provides screen-free entertainment for the whole family.

INCLUDES: 52 playing cards, 2 jokers, 2 information cards
AGES: 4-104

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