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Pixicade Sparks Space Mission
Pixicade Sparks Space Mission
Pixicade Sparks Space Mission

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Pixicade Sparks Space Mission


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Add Sparks of adventure to your Pixicade games! Sparks tokens add interactive characters, props, hazards, backgrounds, music and more! There is a magical transformation with tokens that takes gaming to a new level. Simply draw your game on paper, place Pixicade sparks tokens on your game drawing, use the Pixicade App to snap a photo of your game design & watch it come to life!

Each Pixicade Sparks kit comes with 5 incredible Pixicade Sparks tokens, 1 storage bag, 5 game templates and 1 QR code to unlock the Pixicade Sparks in-app functionality, backgrounds, music, and avatar icons in your Pixicade account!

  • Ages 6-8+
  • Only ships with orders of $30.00 or more
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