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Pony Cycle UX-Series Small White Unicorn 3-5
Pony Cycle UX-Series Small White Unicorn 3-5

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Pony Cycle UX-Series Small White Unicorn 3-5


PonyCycle ride-on unicorn, the best gift for your kids. It is the world’s First Simulated Riding Toy that doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, but on the child's own power. Instead of traditional Rocking Horses and Spring Horses which keep the rider in one spot, PonyCycle riding unicorn allows the child to ride wherever they want, making them feel just like they’re on a real horse. One of the best things about the PonyCycle unicorn is that not only does it make a wonderful toy, it’s also a great form of exercise. When children move on their PonyCycle ride on unicorn they train a specific group of muscles, meaning that they grow stronger and healthier while having a great time!


  • Kids powered! No batteries, non-electric. Rides like a real pony!
  • Help kids train a specific group of muscles to grow stronger.
  • Hand brake brings the pony to a secure stop.
  • Updated Wheels for a smoother ride and more stable use.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use, boys and girls can ride the unicorn toy to wherever they want without considering running out of power.
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