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Tegu 14-Piece Set, Blues

Tegu 14-Piece Set, Blues


What the heck is a Tegu? It’s simplicity in action. Beauty in design. And ridiculously satisfying to play with. Each of these sustainably sourced, beautifully tinted wooden blocks has strategically placed magnets inside. How’d they get magnets into solid wood? Magic, maybe? But that’s not the point. The point is creativity and curiosity for all ages – fun, addictive, meditative and perfect for fiddling with pretty much anywhere, like work, waiting rooms, airplanes, jury duty or jail.

MATERIALS: Eco-friendly, sustainably harvested hardwoods

AGES: 3 and up

ORIGIN: Designed in the USA, purposefully made in Honduras

OTHER: Includes 14 blocks in five shapes: 2 medium columns, 4 long planks, 4 short planks, 2 cubes, 2 parallelograms. Colors are safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers.

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