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The Adventure Challenge Family Edition

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition


50 Scratch-Off Family Adventures!

Every adventure in the book is a surprise until you scratch it off! Don't forget to take photos and let the book become a keepsake full of memories to look back on. Obliterate boredom, break out of ruts, discover new favorite traditions, and create those "laugh so hard your face hurts moments" that you’ll tell stories about for years. Our kids grow up too fast! Let's create fun, lasting memories that bond us together with them. The goal of The Family Edition is connection through new experiences.

No take backs!

Once it's scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It's time to discover something new about yourself. Simply choose a category together, then scratch off your adventure! Don't forget to take a picture and journal your experience! When you finish, you'll have a keepsake to look back on.

Hint: There's a time and money guide over each box to help you decide.

Who is this for?

This book is for families of all ages and sizes, but is ideally created with kids ages 4-15 in mind and for families of around 4-8 members. 

How much are the challenges?

The challenges range from $0-$50, but they can all be modified to fit within your budget.

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