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The Mandela Effect Game

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The Mandela Effect Game


Can You Trust Your Memory?

Have you ever heard of The Mandela Effect or ME as it is called? If not then you just have!

ME is a fascinating occurrence that has affected people around the world in all nations, and one that is mystifying people everywhere. The effect is so named because many people remember Nelson Mandela passing away in prison in the 1980’s when in fact he lived until 2013! In fact, many of the thousands of people who actually remember Mandela's funeral in the 1980’s, also inexplicably remember the exact same details surrounding it!

260 mind-blowing revelations that will make you think you are living in an alternate universe.

Breaking Games is proud to introduce our brand new Mandela Effect based game named especially in honor of one of the major word misspellings noted by those who follow this effect, BERENSTAIN vs BERENSTEIN bears!!

This is a game you can carry in your backpack or purse, use as a conversation starter and play for 5 minutes or hours with friends, family or complete strangers. This is a simple game that can be easily started or stopped at any time. Compare memories as you play the game to see who remembers correctly and who is convinced that their memories are correct, even though looking them up online will provide them to be definitively incorrect.

We all agree that the science of memory is intriguing - and now more people worldwide are becoming aware of confabulation or shared mass memories. Our fascinating new, and easy-to-play the game, helps spark discussion while amazing people and showing the true flexible and variable nature of the memories that we all, as humans, share. This game will make you truly wonder about the possibility of alternate or parallel universes while providing hours of fun and thought-provoking entertainment for your entire family! Enjoy the fun exploration of the nuances of your memories!

You will marvel at the nature of the human mind as you play our new game based on the Mandela Effect.

AGES: 13 and up
PLAYING TIME: 1 Minute to Hours

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