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Toybox 3D Printer Starter Bundle
Toybox 3D Printer Starter Bundle
Toybox 3D Printer Starter Bundle


Toybox 3D Printer Starter Bundle


Toybox is the first easy-to-use, one-touch 3D printer for kids to design and print their own toys. With an enormous toy catalog, Toybox is introducing affordable fun for the whole family!

Watch your toys come to life with Toybox's one-touch technology, it's so easy any child can use it. You can also design your own toys in the app or upload your ideas for unlimited possibilities!

Toybox uses kid and parent-friendly non-toxic materials, so you can keep Toybox anywhere for instant printing fun without any of the mess. Start drawing and printing your own creations today!

What's Included:
- One Toybox 3D Printer
- One Coconut Printer Food Color
- One EZ-Peel Bed
- Free 7000+ Digital Toy Catalog
- Free Creator Space access

So Easy, A Kid Can Do It

From Bloomberg: What's better than a toy? A toy that makes toys... that's mesmerizing for kids and grownups alike.
As Seen on Shark Tank: Products like this are really great because they inspire kids to design and develop.
From Business Insider: Remarkable ease of use... the well-designed app and website encourages deep exploration into design.
From Mashable: Toybox lets kids join in on the fun of 3D printing while piquing their curiosity in science and technology.