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Treasure X Alien (2 Pack)
Treasure X Alien (2 Pack)
Treasure X Alien (2 Pack)
Treasure X Alien (2 Pack)

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Treasure X Alien (2 Pack)


Transmission initiated...Distress signal received...Broadcasting. My name is Galax, a treasure hunter from the Z Sector, 6.778 parsecs due east from nebula NGC 6302. I was abducted from my home planet and swallowed whole by a vile alien being. I am alive, but trapped inside this disgusting worm creature, held captive in a prison of sticky, oozing viscera. Free me from the belly of this beast and you will be rewarded handsomely with a piece of my treasure. If you are out there, If anybody is listening, I need your help. I fear my time is running out. Please hur–... Transmission lost.

DIMENSIONS: 8.19”L x 3.78”W x 3.78”D (overall)


AGES: 5 and up

ORIGIN: Imported

OTHER: Includes (Set of 2): crystal vessel, alien body, rib cage, ooze, treasure hunter figure, gut critter, ooze storage container, X-Tool, map/collector’s guide

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