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Trolls DIY Nail Kit
Trolls DIY Nail Kit

Trolls DIY Nail Kit


Step into a world of color and creativity with the Trolls Nail D.I.Y. Set – an all-in-one nail art extravaganza packed with over 80 pieces to ignite your imagination!

  • Vibrant Nail Polishes: Dive into a rainbow of possibilities with two dazzling nail polishes that bring your nails to life in vivid hues.
  • Glitter Galore: Sparkle and shine with two glitter pots, adding a touch of magic to your nail creations. Mix and match for a look that's uniquely you!
  • Bedazzling Gems: Adorn your nails with 20 dazzling gems for an extra pop of glamour. Create intricate designs or go all out – the choice is yours!
  • Playful Stickers: Express your personality with 50 playful nail stickers featuring your favorite Trolls characters. From quirky designs to charming faces, make your nails tell a story!
  • Fantasy Decals: Transform your nails with 10 faux nail decals inspired by the whimsical world of Trolls. Unleash your creativity and experiment with fantastical designs.
  • Toe-tally Cute: Pamper your toes with two toe separators for a flawless pedicure experience. Because fabulous nails extend to fabulous toes!
  • Faux Nails for Flair: Experiment with 10 faux nails for an instant nail makeover. Swap them out, mix and match – express yourself without the commitment!
  • Finishing Touch: Shape your creations with the included nail file, ensuring every detail is perfect and polished.
  • Ages 6-8+ 

Unleash your inner stylist, embrace the Trolls spirit, and let your nails tell a story as vibrant and unique as you are. The Trolls Nail D.I.Y. Set – where every nail is a canvas and every creation is a masterpiece!

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