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Unicorn Jewelry DIY Kit
Unicorn Jewelry DIY Kit

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Unicorn Jewelry DIY Kit


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Our newest addition to our popular DIY kits, our Unicorn Jewelry DIY Kit was inspired by the feedback we received from our customers.  Packaged in an acrylic unicorn shaped container, each kit comes with 7-9 unicorn themed charms, including one high quality 18k gold plated unicorn pendant that can be worn on more formal occasions!  Also included is 60 inches of gold plated micro-ball chain, clasps, tassels, assorted beads and a few other goodies to make your budding jewelers smile! Charms and beads may vary from picture.  Note: while the unicorn container is slightly smaller (1/2-3/4 inch) than our standard kit containers, it still contains the same amount of charms as the other kits.
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