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What’s Next? A Life-Size Game

What’s Next? A Life-Size Game


What's Next? is the family game that makes you do silly things to reach the finish line - and it's life-size!  

Object of the Game: To win the game, be the first player to reach the finish line by landing on, or passing, tile #24.

Package Includes: 25 foam tiles (each with a different image) A giant blue die An instruction sheet Setup: Lay out each of the tiles in numerical order, approximately one foot apart from each other. A flat surface is best.

The Rules: Each player rolls the die. The player that rolls the highest number goes first. You'll need at least two players. All players begin on the "Start" tile. Roll the die. Move ahead that number of tiles. Where did you land? Follow the silly instructions on that tile.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you land on tile #4, pretend you're driving a race car. OR If you land on tile #10, go back to start. Your turn has ended. Pass the die onto the next player.

Most important... Laugh and have fun with Family and Friends of all ages!

Ages 4+

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