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Visiting Camp

Do you offer curbside pickup?

Not officially, but if you call any of our stores and pay by phone, one of our Counselors would be happy to run your purchase out to you!

We also offer same day delivery within a certain radius of our stores. Ask a Counselor in store or email to see if we can reach your delivery destination the same day.

Does CAMP host birthday celebrations?

We sure do! Visit CAMP Celebrations for more information on hosting a birthday party with CAMP. Please specify at the time of booking if you would like to require your guests to wear masks at your party.

Check out to see the types of celebrations we offer and book your party online.

What experiences does CAMP offer in stores?

CAMP stores offer a range of awesome activities for families, including timed-entry immersive experiences, daily activities, and special events. Check our homepage to find out what’s happening at CAMP stores near you.

Is a Meet and Greet different from an Experience?

Meet and Greets are short activities that allow children to meet and take a picture with some of their favorite characters! Other activities may be included while you wait, like temporary tattoos, coloring sheets, and crafts.

Experiences are longer, themed adventures and feature a large selection of opportunities to explore, play, and interact with counselors and the installation in an immersive environment.

Are dogs allowed at CAMP Stores?

Pets are not allowed at our CAMP retail locations. However, we are happy to accommodate any guest who requires the aid of a service animal.

My child has special needs. How can you accommodate their needs?

CAMP is committed to providing an inclusive experience for every family. CAMP is happy to offer headphones and sunglasses for light and sound sensitivities. For additional sensory issues, please email where we will do our best to accommodate.

Is there an age/height requirement for any of CAMP’s experiences?

There is no age or height requirement for any of the activities at CAMP. Everything is at parents’ discretion, just like a playground!

Are there bathrooms available?

All of our store locations have bathrooms available for customers either in store or nearby.

Are CAMP stores and experiences accessible by stroller?

All of our stores are accessible by stroller, but not every experience is designed to accommodate a stroller and a baby carrier is recommended. Fortunately, we also have stroller parking!

Is the experience wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all of our store locations are ADA compliant and accessible for everyone. Certain elements of our experiences are not wheelchair accessible.

Is parental supervision required? Can children attend without an adult?

Parents or guardians are responsible for their children during their entire time at CAMP, whether they’re attending an event or not.  Except for specific, special events like our Date Night Drop-Off series, activities and events at CAMP are designed to be enjoyed by the entire family, and caregivers are responsible for their children during their entire time at CAMP. This is to ensure safety which is our top priority!

What does my ticket include?

Ticketed Experience tickets include access to the entire playable experience.

Activity tickets include entry to the activity, supplies and any additional gear needed for the activity. More details are available within each Activity description.

How long are experiences at CAMP?

On average, families typically hang with us for at least an hour. Depending on the activity or experience you are participating in, you may end up staying up to a few hours at our stores. Please review the "How long will it take" section of the FAQ for the experience you'll be visiting for more information.

What experiences does CAMP offer in stores?

Depending on your store location, we offer a variety of different experiences:

  • Non-ticketed, free-to-enter experiences like Base Camp, Art Camp and Present Camp

  • Ticketed immersive experiences for the whole family like Paw Patrol and Cosmic Camp

  • Activities like Slime Bootcamp, Mozart for Munchkins and Date Night Drop-Off, which are ticketed for kids and free for adults

  • CAMP Canteen, our general store of products to discover, as well as food or drink snack break

Do you offer In store party packages? What is the pricing for parties at CAMP?

CAMP is a magical space for a super fun celebration, for a birthday or any occasion!

All our celebration packages include private access to our Campitheater, equipped to seat around 20-30 kids, craft + playtime stations, as well as a dedicated Party Captain and CAMP staff to facilitate a fun and safe experience including games, dancing and a scavenger hunt! Our standard 90 minute party package starts at $930 for up to 60 guests and can be customized around a theme like Paw Patrol and expanded to include additional entertainment.

Learn more about CAMP Birthday Celebrations here.

Where can I find a CAMP store near me?

You can find store hours for each of our stores on each Location page:

Can't find your question? Email us at